By the love and compassion He has shed in our hearts by the Holy Ghost, this one thing we do :

“Forgetting the things that are past …. …. We receive the love of God to start:

  • Reaching unto those things that are before; we reach the hurting and swaying world to win the lost. We take the gospel to the people using vehicles i.e. “On Wheels” – wherever they are.
  • Pressing toward the mark for the prize of the High calling of God, in and by total obedience to every heavenly counsel – we preach the word
  • Demonstrating (manifesting in) His Spirit and of power so that men can experience His life changing & transforming power; we show forth God’s praises
  • Being like-minded with Christ in obedience, we live to please God and work with the Holy Spirit to infuse the life and love of God into people
  • Touching God’s love, we provide the forum where anyone can receive and have God’s plan (Blessings) for their lives more abundantly!
  • “Grounds-breaking Intercessory, prophetic prayers and spiritual warfare” in UAE exists for anybody to see and feel – both the spiritual cloud transformation into spiritual freedom (that now there is an influx and in-surge of many ministers and ministries, and existing ones are no more operating nominally as all have joined in the harvest for the advancement of the kingdom of God)
  • Equipping and maturing everyone who thirsts – boys and girls, men and women (both young and old) into thorough-bred Christians, who can stand to serve the body of Christ
  • Planting Churches by lifting the needy and wounded out of the pit wherein is no water, caring for them by giving them a sense of belonging(family) and hope in Christ Jesus
  • Various Missionary and humanitarian projects in diverse ways and areas across the continents which we support by our prayers, finances, short-term missions trips etc.


Come just as you are

Word & Power Assembly is a “well-fed’ multinational & cross cultural full gospel and Christ – centered church and preaches the word in the demonstration of the Spirit and of Power. Where people are taught to know that whatever is born of God overcomes the world and this is the victory that overcomes the world even – our faith!

Word & Power Assembly is a place of true fellowship –spiritual & physical because of its ‘family-care’ orientation. Anyone who comes there feels the warmth of family & love. It is a place of prayer, praise & worship; it is a place to be equipped and matured as a Christian!

Age class and distinction is not a barrier, neither does it matter! What matters is to “Come just as you are.” … For everything is ready for everyone who thirsts!”