We are Missionaries:

  • On a spiritual journey, looking for a city with foundations whose builder and Maker is God
  • Striving by the mercies of God, to do the reasonable service of presenting our bodies a living sacrifice – holy and acceptable unto God; be Living examples of God’s kind of life, be Living witnesses of God’s Word, Love and Goodness and be found fit for His use!
  • Knowing that Jesus established the church that He may reach sinners and everyone either far from or close to God; and to bring in those who will believe in Him for every- one has, … and are to fit in to take their place, at the Lord’s banqueting table
  • Open to real people of ALL categories,irrespective of their religions and backgrounds, ranging from atheists, skeptics, spiritual seekers (i.e. just starting to ask questions about God) to believers (old, new, backslidden, etc) and committed Christians (those still desiring to be rooted deeper into God and His word) who are as we were, in some time past; and just also like us even now, are on their own real life &/or spiritual journey,bearing real burdens and hurts of various sizes and capacities; …knowing that the burdens will be lifted and their circumstances/yokes of spiritual influences or thirsts, maladies &/or inadequacies, infirmities, low or high spiritual or moral levels/standards, and/or even spiritual attainments etc which are all just man-made nomenclatures, would become irrelevant and destroyed by the reason of the anointing !
  • Yielded and surrendered to show-off and glorify Jesus in and through our lives thereby creating the right worship and fellowship environments for Jesus to draw men unto Himself to see and also touch God’s free gift of His love, eternal salvation and life in Christ Jesus; and Jesus Himself also ‘Showing them the Path of Life’.
  • Who have the ‘Word For Now’, Preaching timeless truths from the Bible as inspired by the Holy Spirit in practical ways that will touch, enliven, re-direct and re-order, impact, change & transform real people like you who we know neither need nor require a theology degree or qualification to understand what God is saying to them per time!
  • Commitedly commited to serve, infuse and positively impact both the smaller community within (i.e. of Christian God’s people) and the larger community without (i.e. of the land and people of the Middle East & Asia), with our prophetic prayers, apostolic unction for spiritual, physical and all-round changes and transformations because of the Life-giving and life-transforming nature of our ministry