Dr Ihemelandu N. Ndukwe’s success in this life – transforming and Impacting apostolic ministry and messages gains root from his core values principle and determination that the Word must be preached pure and unadulterated. So in Word and Power Assembly we do not shun to preach the total counsel of God.

Men (the world) must be reached by passion – wherever they are; … so this ministry runs on the “wheels” of the passion of God’s command and vision of wheels to him from Ezekiel 1:15–21 to take the gospel ‘vehicularly’ to ‘wherever man is found’ (i.e. to the unreached)

Christ’s love and love light must be shown and shone however we can! So we work by the grace with compassion of Luke 10: 33 – 36 that empowers & powers us to become “neighbour unto him that fell among thieves.”

Every true child, servant/minster and priest of God must be deeply and firmly rooted in the Word (Jn.1:1-3;Josh.1:8), Holiness (Rom.12:1), Obedience (Isa.1:18-19) in love without barriers (Jn.3:16), Humility (1Peter5:5-7) and Wisdom (Prov.4:5-9).

There is no true love without generosity! God’s love is generous.(Jn.3:16). He gave Jesus generously. Jesus’ Himself lived and spent His life generously for the whole world! Whatever we do for God or fellow men deserves our generously best effort.

In this life, you should be determined to give nothing in exchange for your soul. Run the Christian race and do the Christian work for God alone, with all purity of heart and purpose for God making sure you don’t end up being a ‘cast-away’!