The Vision 

God showed us that out there, yes, all over the world but most importantly across the 10/40 window cutting through parts of Europe, Africa, the Middle East & Asia, so many people are ‘perishing’, not just because of the devil, but for a two–way lack of knowledge.

1. Owing to a lack of knowledge of Jesus and God’s word, people have gone down from peace and piece to pieces
2. Due to lack of knowledge “in the people who should know”, people are following blind shepherds or sitting under false prophets

Mission & Purpose

People need hope; people need love; people need care and a helping hand; people need someone called a ‘faithful’ friend to trust and that someone with all these qualities and abilities lacking in people’s lives, is Jesus. We’ve been asked to go into the Middle East & Asia and give Jesus and so, here we are running on the Lord’s mandate, mission and purpose.

By the Wheels of our commission we are running:

  1. To win the lost – by wheel evangelism. We take the gospel to the people using vehicles i.e. “On Wheels” – wherever they are
  2. To release those who are in any form of captivity into the glorious liberty that is in Christ Jesus
  3. To raise, train and equip children, youths, men and women into dedicated voluntary service of God
  4. To exalt God through our Lord Jesus Christ and the workings of the Holy Spirit
  5. To lift the needy and wounded out of the pit, caring for them by giving them a sense of belonging and hope in Christ Jesus
  6. Support missionary and humanitarian projects across the continents by our prayers, finances, short-term missions trips etc